Columbia Dental - our Team

Columbia Dental’s experienced, caring, versatile dental staff is always ready and willing to help you. Our dentists and dental specialists realize the terrible discomfort dental pain causes, the stress experienced by dental emergencies, and the fears you may have concerning dental problems. We also understand the importance of not losing time from school or work in order to make your dental appointments fit into your personal schedule.

That’s why we’re open convenient daytime, evening, and weekend hours. In addition, we have a staff of dentists and dental specialists always ready to care for all your personal and family’s dental needs. We have an on-site dental lab where bridges, crowns, and dentures are fabricated in much less time.

Our trained professionals will discuss treatment plans with you and also help you with your financing needs. Financing plans are available for those who qualify.

Columbia Dental strives to help you enjoy excellent dental health while also helping you achieve a smile you will be proud of.

We welcome new patients and appreciate referrals.

Patients come to Columbia Dental for various reasons. Some come for routine check-ups. Others have dental emergencies or are in need of serious dental procedures. Some just want to improve their appearance via dental cosmetic changes. Our diverse staff is prepared to help each individually.

Columbia Dental proudly offers free evaluations. Please call (860)645-0111 and make an appointment today. Combining the use of the latest in high tech equipment, a well trained; excellent dental staff, and convenient hours, we will definitely provide you with excellence in oral health care.