What is a root canal?

When the nerve of your tooth becomes infected or the pulp becomes too damaged, it may be necessary for a dentist to perform a procedure where the nerve and pulped are removed. This procedure is commonly referred to as a root canal.

Post Procedure Care:

When an anesthetic has been used, your lips and tongue may be numb for several hours after the appointment. Avoid any chewing or hot beverages until the numbness has completely worn off. It is very easy to bite or burn your tongue and lips while you are numb after a root canal procedure.

The injection sites may be sore for a period of up to 12 hours. We recommend Ibuprofen (Motrin) or Tylenol to alleviate any tenderness.

Until you are able to return to have the crown fabricated to protect the tooth from fracture, be careful not to place too much force on the tooth. It is important not to wait too long between the root canal treatment and receiving the final crown because the risk of fracture increases. In many cases a post is fabricated prior to placement of the crown to add stability and structure to the tooth receiving the crown.