Bad Breath: Its Causes and How to Avoid it

Bad Breath (otherwise known as halitosis) affects approximately one in four people.  This widespread issue is not only caused by...

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What are the Different Types of Toothpaste?

​Toothpastes can be so confusing, there are so many types and brands.  What should you use?  Agents used with a...

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Tap Water vs. Bottled Water: Which is Better for You?

Bottled water use has increased significantly in the past couple of years because it is thought to be safer and...

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Your Future Smile is Here Today!

Many people really dislike caring for their teeth.  It really doesn’t take long to brush them, but going to the...

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The Unbreakable Denture

There is little worse than when your dentures break. You don’t like the fact that you even have them, but...

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A Center of Excellence

Nobel BioCare, the leading company regarding Dental Implants has named Columbia Dental one of their Centers of Excellence (  For...

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The Magic Elixir: PRP

Can you imagine a solution, made from your own blood, that when applied to a wound, your gums or bones...

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Most people who have lost teeth over time feel uncomfortable to smile, speak , and eat. You can recover your...

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Dr. Abbas Mohammadi DDS on WRCH

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Dr. Abbas Mohammadi DDS, Channel 3

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