Welcome to Our Newly Revamped Website!


We are happy to announce our new web site.

Since Columbia Dental started in 2000 with a 700 square foot office and two teammates (Graciela and Tracey), we continue to make great strides towards helping families achieve dental health.

The dream behind Columbia Dental started with a nightmare. At the core of our company is a mother and son, in immediate need of dental services. A mother in search of care for a son in excruciating pain. A son with a broken heart knowing his mother could not find a dentist to help.

It was 40 years ago that Dr. Mohammadi and his mother searched for a dentist and Dr. Mohammadi knew he would become a dentist to help families in need. As Dr. Mohammadi describes his aspiration and inspiration behind Columbia Dental:

“Believe it or not, since the day I opened my office, I no longer experience my nightmare. I don’t have to dry tears because families have somewhere to go when they’re in need of a dentist. Today I have sixteen offices around the State of Connecticut. Since the year 2000 we have treated more than 100,000 patients and I’m so glad we’ve been there for them and my hope is you’ll want us there for you too.”

We are proud to introduce an updated ColumbiaDental.com. Our new site provides easier access to information about dental care and simplifies learning about our company.

At Columbia Dental, we want to help people smile. Proper dental health and hygiene means good teeth. And good teeth mean everyone can smile proudly. To help facilitate your smile, we created a learning center. From information about common oral hygiene to decisions about proper pediatric care, we want to provide you with supporting materials to keep your smile healthy. If you have any questions or want to learn more about a certain oral care topic, then please let us know.

As we introduce our new site, we also want to introduce you to our team. Family spurred Columbia Dental, so we want to share that feeling. From individual dentist biographies to career opportunities, you can find that family atmosphere that has guided our company since its inception.

Most importantly, our new site helps you find us.

If you can’t find a Columbia Dental office when you need dental care, then we need to improve. Find a location that is close to your home, office or child’s school and ensure that your smile continues to shine!