30 Plus Reasons to Come to Columbia Implant Center for Your Dental Care

Located at 483 West Middle Turnpike in Manchester, Connecticut, Columbia Implant Center was born out of Columbia Dental during the pandemic.  This was done to reflect all the opportunities you have as a patient at the Columbia Implant Center.  We offer everything from teeth cleanings and exams to complete teeth replacement with implant supported prosthesis enabling the closest experience to your original teeth.


Columbia Implant Center is open 7 days a week, including holidays, so there is always a dentist available to care for your emergencies, or any other dental treatment.  We open early and close late every night to provide you opportunity for scheduling with the least interference to your life schedule.


All of your dental needs can be accommodated in Manchester at the Columbia Implant Center.  We have every specialty type (board-certified) from General Dentists, Pedodontists, Orthodontists, Periodontists, oral surgeons, Endodontists, and Prosthodontists.  We possess an in-house digital dental lab able to fabricate all your prosthetic devices (from crowns to implant supported dentures) right here and insert them on the same day, if needed.  Additionally, we have a conventional dental lab (on-site) that can repair your prosthesis while you wait in the office.

We offer restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, fixed and removable prosthetics, and a 7 day a week hygiene department staffed with Registered Dental Hygienists. The real point is we offer everything to either keep your original teeth, make them healthy, make them aesthetically appealing or give you the best alternatives to replace them.  Most treatment plans are devised for you personally by the clinical director (Dr. Mohammadi) to offer what is best and what ultimately will work for you, working with your budget.  He is here 7 days a week to guide your plan and be available for any questions.   You can make same day appointments and the work can be completed that same day including extractions and implant placement and loading.  We have nitrous oxide available for anesthesia as well as dental anesthesiologist to provide conscious sedation.

At Columbia Implant Center we offer CBCT (Cone Beam/Cat Scan) Panoramic x-rays not only capturing your teeth and roots, but the soft tissue and nerves to accurately see what is occurring in your mouth.  We’re able to use this information along with the X-Guide for precision guided placement of implants into your gums and the bone for a secure, quick and painless procedure.  We use electrical handpieces reducing vibrations and therefore less trauma.

Instead of sticking a mold into your mouth to capture your teeth, we now digitally scan them for the most accurate capture which we’re able to send to the Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software where we design the prosthesis you need for the perfect fit and precision milled or 3-D printed for you in our on-site digital dental lab.

Insurance Plans

Columbia Implant Center accepts most insurance plans.  Columbia Implant Center also has multiple financing options available. Providing your insurance before your visits allows us to gather your benefits and aid in a more accurate accounting for your costs.  Our treatment coordinators are experienced and familiar with the different insurance plans and how they work and will help work out what is best for you.

We can provide whitening with our Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening Machine for the bright smile you’d like to have.  We also are an Invisalign provider for the “brace less” orthodontia.

Emergency Dental Services

Columbia Implant Center will also happily see you for an emergency on the weekend and you can continue back with your regular dentist for care afterwards, if needed.

Columbia Implant Center is easy access off I-84 Exit 60 with Free Parking and Disability friendly.

Come to Columbia Implant Center for the dental care you need, designed specifically for you.

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