Teeth Cleaning Appointments in Connecticut

You brush your teeth, right?  You floss regularly, don’t you?  Do you have x-ray vision?  Why do you need to go see the dentist a minimum of once a year?


If we’re normal we get two sets of teeth in a lifetime.  We start with our baby teeth or also called primary or deciduous teeth and then they are pushed out by the permanent teeth.  We don’t get replacements for them unless we go for implants.  Therefore, it is extremely important we take care of our teeth and hold on to them for as long as we can until other options come into play.

Even if you brush three times a day and floss constantly, you still need to see a dentist at least once a year for a cleaning and exam.  You will never clean like a professional cleaning done by a dental hygienist or doctor.  You do not have the equipment or the ability to reach all the areas they can and do.  You won’t be able to remove the tarter by yourself, you won’t be able to take an x-ray and have it read to ensure there are not any insidious growths or disease that appear on a radiograph long before it begins to penetrate the bone or soft tissue, any cancers or other progressive diseases.

We use ultrasonic equipment called cavitron scaling equipment which uses high frequency vibrations and water flow to effectively and efficiently clean your teeth removing the calculus (tarter) above the gums. The point of this treatment is to remove the bacteria that are caught in the crevices and gaps (interdental areas) in your teeth and gums preventing them to create the decay in your teeth and disease in your gums.  You need to do this a minimum of once per year. Most insurances will allow two times per year.

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