Connecticut’s Best Orthodontics

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics deals with correcting many dental problems such as:

  • Over bites
  • Under bites
  • Misaligned bites
  • Undue pressure on teeth and gums
  • Misalignment of your jaw after facial surgery

Common reasons children need orthodontic treatment include:


  • Thumb sucking
  • Use of a pacifier beyond age three (3)
  • Prolonged use of a baby bottle for drinking

People with crooked teeth or misaligned bites will often experience the following:

  • Interference when chewing
  • Difficulty in keeping teeth clean
  • Strained teeth and jaw muscles
  • Increased risk of breaking a tooth

At Columbia Dental, trained and experienced dentists will determine if your teeth are crooked or incorrectly aligned because of:


  • Abnormal facial problems
  • Abnormal alignment
  • Difficulty or discomfort when chewing or biting
  • Speech problems such as a lisp


A new revelation in dentistry, Invisalign is a comfortable way to straighten your teeth without having to wear the traditional heavy wired braces.

Practically invisible, this process has proven effective nationwide on both children and adults. Visit Dr. Raptis, a certified Invisalign specialist to learn if Invisalign is right for you.

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