Better Safe than Sorry!

Dear esteemed patients,

Firstly, we are more than happy to announce that as of Wednesday, May 20th, we will be gradually commencing our first phase of reopening!

Here are the essentials our patients should recognize:

  • All of our fifteen offices will be gradually re-opening or continuing operations.
  • We will no longer exclusively serve patients with urgent and emergent dental needs.
  • Prophylactic (e.g. dental cleaning,) preventive (e.g. bleaching,) and cosmetic (e.g. bleaching and veneer) procedures will continue to be unavailable at Columbia Dental until further notice.

We highly encourage that our patients read further, in order to be better informed about our first stage of reopening.

The State of Connecticut has recently announced that as of tomorrow, Wednesday, May 20th, elective procedures will be allowed to resume at dental practices, state-wide. This comes in light of the vigorous mitigation processes the state has employed, and the successful results they have produced. Nevertheless, Columbia Dental urges the public to remember that, although the state has allowed elective procedures to continue, this pandemic has not yet ended and that it is best to stay home and stay safe, as much as realistically possible.

Over the past few days, we, at Columbia Dental, have been closely monitoring the fluid situation. We have also been making every single decision keeping you, the patients, at our highest priority and making sure your safety is our priority.

Currently, we are happy to be resuming elective procedures, except those that are prophylactic, preventative, and cosmetic, starting tomorrow, May 20th.

We are aware that many other dental practices in Connecticut are commencing all elective procedures, including those that are prophylactic, preventative, and cosmetic. Although, in law, we too are allowed to commence prophylactic, preventative, and cosmetic procedures, as of tomorrow, May 20th, we have made the incredibly hard decision not to. We believe t­­­­­­here to be no merit in our patients returning for the sole purpose of these procedures. This is given that the perils of doing such are extravagantly higher than its merits. We hope you understand our number one priority, as healthcare providers, is your health and safety.

In normal times, dentists always recommend and urge their patients to come for all elective procedures, as oral health is vital to one’s general health. However, these are not normal times, and we are living in the new normal. The state-of-the-art tools we use for cleanings and other prophylactic, preventative, and cosmetic procedures emit aerosols. Such procedures, which emit aerosols, put our community in Connecticut, and in particular our doctors and medical personnel, at an increased risk of contracting Covid-19 and the plagues that come with virus.

However, we believe that we will feel comfortable enough to be able to conduct prophylactic, preventative, and cosmetic procedures as soon as next month. We urge our patients to be aware that there is no guarantee that we will be able to resume these procedures in and throughout June, as this is simply an aspiration.

In addition, we are currently seeing high volumes of patients at our practices that are still open, such as our 24/7 Manchester location at 483 Middle Turnpike West. As we want our patients to have a safe experience at Columbia Dental and for more of Connecticut to be able to access Columbia Dental’s expansive network, we have made additional innovative decisions.

We are expecting to gradually re-open, or maintain open, all of our fifteen locations across Connecticut starting tomorrow, May 20th.

We are happy to announce that in only a few days, all of our locations will be open for urgent and emergent care, as well as for various elective procedures. Our Manchester location will continue to be the only practice open for 24/7 care.

Dr. Abbas Mohammadi, D.D.S. – our Owner and Founder, as well as his team at Columbia Dental, sincerely hope you find these choices well.


For further information call:

860-645-0111 (24-hour line)



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