Tales From the Operatory Part XII: The White House Basement

The Beginning of White House Dental Care

Located beneath the West Wing in the subbasement of the White House a special office was built housing the White House Dental office. President Herbert Hoover had the white house dental office built in the basement during his term and the office has been in place since then for presidential use.

Evolution of the Dental Office Over the Years

The White House dental office may not have been very sophisticated when it was first built with but a simple dental chair and the need for the dentists to bring their own equipment along with the equipment and chemicals to develop x-rays, but these days it boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a fully functional operatory.

Presidential Dental Check-ups: Just Like Us!

When a President or his family visits the dental office, they can receive treatment, much the same as you. The White House dentist performs regular check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays, as well as any dental procedures that may be needed.

Presidential Dental Anecdotes and Conspiracies

On February 20, 1954, Dwight D. Eisenhower was eating a chicken wing in Palm Springs, California, when the cap on one of his front teeth popped off. […] Still, the theory lives on with believers because the dentist who treated Eisenhower passed away without leaving a record of the visit.

Brushing with a Presidential Touch

President Lyndon B. Johnson used to gift electric toothbrushes to friends and family complete with a stamped Presidential Seal on it. His reason behind this gift he stated,” I want people to think of me right away when they wake up and right before they go to bed.”

Expanding the Dental Care: Camp David Gets Its Own

The dental office at the White House has done so well for the Presidents, one was placed at Camp David as well.

Dental Care for All at Columbia Dental

The leader of the free world needs to be taken care of well to function in that position. At Columbia Dental you don’t need to be the President or live in the White House, we’re here to take care of you every day.

A Gentle Reminder: Utilize Your Year-End Benefits

With the end of year fast approaching you want to ensure you’ve used all your benefits so you don’t lose them, both via insurance and any FSA account you h

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