Historically, society has a deeply rooted belief that bad teeth can indicate other bad qualities in a person. In a National institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research report they stated, “The link between diseased teeth and weakness, impotence, and even moral turpitude and sin has been analyzed by scholars exploring the vast legacy of dental themes in art and literature.” While physical appearance is a big factor, there is a deeper underlying issue here. Teeth have historically been viewed as an indicator of overall health. There are numerous diseases and illnesses that can present themselves by impacting the teeth and gums. That means that having bad teeth can cause people to think that you are sick in other ways as well.

At Columbia Dental there are two avenues we can take for the patient who wants to whiten their teeth.

  1. At home with a specially made bleaching tray and the correct products to put in the tray and then the time that you place the tray on your teeth and allow the chemicals to work into the pores of your teeth. This process takes 3 – 4 weeks to achieve real observable results.
  2. In your dentist’s office in an operatory chair where you can have a service like Zoom Whitening or laser treatment to lighten discoloration of enamel and dentin, accelerating the bleaching process with the special lamp and activate the 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening on your teeth. This process takes about an hour where you can see very clear observable results.

The process works best and most effectively on clean teeth (i.e. after a dental hygiene appointment where your teeth have been cleaned and examined and you can then ZOOM away whitening your pearls nicely white.

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