The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry Through the Ages

Although the practice of dentistry dates back to 5000 BC with the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, Pediatric dentistry (children from birth to teenage adolescence) did not emerge until the 1900s. Since the 1900s, the study and implementation of pediatric dentistry have evolved and become more beneficial by impacting the lives and smiles of many children around the world.

Pioneers in Pediatric Dental Care
Almost simultaneously and on opposite sides of the United States, an American Dentist, Alfred C Jones (considered the father of dental hygiene), and Minnie Evangeline Jordan who started as a dental assistant and became a dentist, both dental enthusiasts, started working in pediatric dentistry. While Jones opened an oral hygiene school where the students cleaned children’s teeth, Jordan started her own dental practice for kids. By 1940, pediatric dentistry was recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association.

Innovations by Minnie Evangeline Jordan
Minnie Evangeline Jordan’s dental practice was the first of its kind. Her research on a variety of foods and sugars effect on children’s teeth for a project in college gave her the insight that she needed to do something about it. In 1925 she published the first textbook on pediatric dentistry, titled Operative Dentistry for Children.

The Continuing Significance of Pediatric Dentistry
With more than 90% of Americans with at least one cavity by their 21st birthday, it’s safe to say that pediatric dentistry continues to be important. Today, advancements in dentistry and technology as a whole have improved this specialty, leading to more accurate diagnoses, more comfortable treatments, and more effective preventive care. One of the biggest wins? Over 86% of children visit the dentist annually! This is a huge step forward on the journey to reducing the cases of cavities, gum disease, and other common dental problems.

Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Child
While both general and pediatric dentists can treat children, there are a few benefits of choosing the latter. Most importantly, pediatric dentists have undergone additional training on top of dental school. As a result, they have the skill, education, and trained eye needed to maintain, restore, and enhance growing smiles. They are extremely familiar with common dental problems that children face and the appropriate solutions for keeping their teeth healthy and happy throughout the years. In short, whether it’s time for your baby’s first visit or your teen needs a cleaning before heading off to college, schedule their appointment with a pediatric dentist – their smile will thank you!

Columbia Dental: Where Pediatric Smiles Thrive
Columbia Dental currently has two outstanding pediatric dentists, with a location in Manchester dedicated to children in our 401 Center Street Office as well as in our Rocky Hill office at 2049 Silas Deane Highway. You care about your children and want to give their teeth the best care to grow healthy and keep a lifetime.

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