The Unbreakable Denture

There is little worse than when your dentures break. You don’t like the fact that you even have them,
but at least you’re able to chew your food. When they break life becomes just a little more difficult.
Now you have to go back to the dentist for repair and either leave them or wait. The worse thing, since
they’ve broken at least once, you know it will happen again!
Columbia Dental now produces the UNBREAKABLE denture. Made of a special process acrylic FDA
approved. It will even withstand being run over by a car (although why your car would need dentures,
we’ll never know. It seems to eat gas just fine all on its own!).
These dentures are 3-D printed using a pourable denture resin providing excellent strength, aesthetics
and color stability due to its special polymerization chemistry. We digitally design your denture,
creating an electronic template that is then 3D printed specifically for you.
Our unbreakable dentures are light weighted, flexible & cannot be broken by a forceful impact (e.g.,
Fall on the floor).
• Being flexible retention is better than normal dentures.
• Very light weighted
• Do not impinge over the oral mucosa
• Only two sittings are required
• Being unbreakable its life is 10 times more than normal
• Cosmetically they are better than the normal dentures because the gum tissues of the
patients reflect through the denture material and the better quality of teeth are used.
Benefits of Unbreakable Dentures
When wearing partial dentures made from metal, you can experience a host of issues ranging
from discomfort to an unnatural finish. To combat these issues, many denturists often
recommend Unbreakable.
1. Color
The biggest benefit of Unbreakable dentures is that its acrylic material blends in with the natural
tones of the mouth tissues. Unlike traditional partial dentures, Unbreakable is designed to be
almost invisible in your mouth, providing natural-looking replacement teeth.
2. Comfort
Because Unbreakable dentures are made from acrylics instead of metal, the overall size tends to
be thinner and more flexible. This allows the dentures to feel more natural and less bulky in the
3. Durability
Another benefit of Unbreakable dentures is their durability. They are virtually unbreakable due
to their flexibility and acrylic material. In addition, the acrylic material will not break down
when exposed to the chemicals in your food, drinks and the natural enzymes in your mouth.

4. Material
Unbreakable’s acrylic material is lightweight, yet strong, giving you a denture that is very thin
but extremely durable. It is also monomer-free and less allergenic compared to other fixtures,
making it a great option for patients who cannot expose their mouths to metal.
The Lucitone Digital PrintTM Denture Benefits
• Higher patient Satisfaction
• Better Retention and adaptation to anatomy
• Body Activated Material
• Responds to Body temperature to increase strength two-fold
• Permanent Digital Record
• Deliver exceptional wear and stain resistance.
Columbia Dental offers this exceptional product to you now.
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No more broken dentures, only at Columbia Dental!

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