We Can Do It!

Dr. Abbas Mohammadi and his team at Columbia Dental would like to express their condolences on the death of Dr. Christopher Firlit, the resident oral surgeon who recently passed away in Michigan from complications of the Covid-19 virus, while he was serving those in need. He was a part of our professional dental community, and although physically separated from him, we, like many others in the dental community, feel the deep pain of his passing. May he rest in peace. Let this be a reminder that this virus can kill, anyone at any time. It does not see age, race, or position in the community. Although grieving, we at Columbia Dental realize the need to recover from this tragedy quickly in order to serve the population of our state, Connecticut, and the country. We are at war against an invisible enemy. The United States of America has been through many wars before. We have remained strong, diligent, and compassionate. Our nation’s powerful military was at the frontline in previous wars. This time it is us — the doctors and medical personnel — leading the fight. We will beat this virus, and we will recover. May God bless Dr. Firlit and all those who have passed away, as well as our colleagues who are putting their lives at danger every day to beat this monster. May God bless the world, the global effort against this virus, and our great nation.

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