Why Choose Columbia Dental?

Everyone should have a local dentist where they can get their teeth cleaned at least twice a year.  A place you can go for tooth related emergencies, a place you can go seven days a week, late into the evening, a place you can go and not have to call off time from work.  Where?  Columbia Dental.

Our Dental Specialties

There are basically six dental specialties:  Pediatric dentistry (Pedodontics), Orthodontics (braces, aligners), Periodontics (inflammatory disease that destroys gums and other structures around teeth), Endodontics (root canals), oral maxillofacial surgery (Surgically remove teeth), and Prosthodontics (makes replacements for missing or damaged teeth).  Columbia Dental has all 6 specialties in our multi-specialty practice) along with our general dentists.

Columbia Dental has also built a digital dental laboratory which allows precision design, cutting and fabrication of your crown, bridge, partial or full denture as well as precise placement of implants with the surgical guide we create just for you.

Columbia Dental is open seven days a week, which includes holidays and late evenings to enable us to work around your schedule in Manchester.    We’re here for you from annual checkups to full mouth teeth replacements with removable or fixed dentures.  The best part is we can do it one day every day of the year!

We are here for emergencies or your scheduled visits giving you the same attention to care for your teeth.

The Compassionate History of Columbia Dental

Columbia Dental started 22 years ago as part of a promise Dr. Abbas Mohammadi made to himself as a nine-year-old boy.  He lived in Iran with his parents and had a miserable toothache.  It was a weekend and no dentists were open in his neighborhood.  His mother felt so bad for him and took him from place to place knocking on doors asking someone to please come and see her son until she finally found a dentist who would see him.  Dr. Mohammadi promised that if he became a dentist, he would have an office open on weekends to treat such emergencies as no one should have to remain in such pain.  Dr. Mohammadi opened his office he also opened it on weekends and has kept it going 7 days a week.

When the pandemic started and the state closed down in March 2020 dentists were allowed to keep their office open for urgent and emergent care.  Columbia Dental was a multi-specialty practice already, but he consolidated the specialists to the Manchester office and, as the technology was in existence, he built his digital dental lab to be able to create the dental prosthesis (crowns, bridges and dentures) in one day to minimize the need for multiple visits and enable to the patient to come in one day to get the work they needed and leave with a functional mouth.

Columbia Dental Locations

Just as Hartford Hospital has a main building where specialist care, operations and treatments can take place, there are satellite buildings (office) that can care for the routine, non-urgent care, Columbia Dental has 15 offices throughout Connecticut.  We have a shared practice management system whereby your x-rays and clinical notes are immediately available no matter which office you visit.  So, should you need the specialists, or the product from the dental lab, the Manchester office is available to you.

We want to help you care for your teeth, one day, same day, seven days a week.

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