Your Future Smile is Here Today!

Many people really dislike caring for their teeth.  It really doesn’t take long to brush them, but going to the dentist for a cleaning interferes with one’s schedule and there appears to be some pain involved, and most people think there’s nothing worse than tooth pain.  It’s easier just keeping one’s mouth closed.  No one likes sitting for the treatment of cavities and root canals are the worst.

Do you remember the television show with Steve Austin (played by Lee Majors), The Six-Million Dollar Man?  Do you remember the opening narration from the show?  “Steve Austin, astronaut: a man barely alive, Gentlemen we can rebuild him, we have the technology, we have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man, Steve Austin will be that man, Better than he was before
Better, Stronger, faster…”

At Columbia Dental we do not have the technology to rebuild the whole body, but we do have the technology to rebuild your teeth, better, stronger, disease resistant, cavity and root canal free and securely fastened in your mouth so they won’t come out.  You’ll be able to bite, chew, talk, whistle like you always have.  You’ll never have to sit for another filling or root canal.  Yes, you should still get cleanings, but not like the type you sit through now.  Your teeth won’t break, crack or fall out.

The titanium implant is stronger than your original tooth root.  It integrates into your gum and bone keeping them both healthy and growing properly. The tooth itself (the crown) that attaches to the implant is made from zirconium, again, a material much stronger than your own enamel.  It maintains its color, it’s shape and does not deteriorate due to disease.

You do this and you pretty much make your dentist a thing of the past.  No cavities.  No root canals.  No extractions.  No more tooth pain and a smile you’re proud of sharing with everyone, able to eat anything.  We can rebuild your forever mouth.  The technology is here, tried and tested successfully.  Be a part of that success, for you!

We can rebuild your mouth, stronger, disease resistant, not only as close to the original but better than it was!  And we can do it at your choosing as we’re open 7 days a week with late hours.

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